Our Purpose

The purpose of SAND OB is to foster the sustainable alliance of nature and design at Ocean Beach. Our mission is to steward the multi-jurisdictional and multi-stakeholder convergence of visions and agendas in a way that prioritizes and preserves Ocean Beach as not only an invaluable natural open space urban resource for San Francisco and visitors but also as a critical ecosystem bridge between land and sea.

What does Ocean Beach mean to you?

Post your responses on YouTube by clicking on "comment") and help us build a robust conversation about the future of Ocean Beach. We will feature great responses on this website and make sure your voice is heard.

Ocean Beach Master Plan

The Ocean Beach Master Plan is a new effort to chart a sustainable future for San Francisco's changing coast. Ocean Beach is one of the gems of the San Francisco landscape, drawing more than 2 million visitors each year. It is an important piece of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, a wild landscape, an urban sea strand, a grand public open space.

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SAND OB is a project of Earth Island Institute, a non-profit organization.

contact us: info@sandob.org